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Google Adwords are the #1 way to increase traffic and skyrocket your business to greater sales. It’s true. Keyword-rich Google Adword campaigns are the most successful way to deliver targeted traffic to your business website. For very limited money up front, you can open up a Google account, create a Google Adword ad, indicate how much you’re willing to pay per click, and set the system on Autopilot.

Soon, tons of traffic will start flooding your site… Well, in theory anyway. Business owners who have tried to devise their own Google Adword campaigns have discovered that it’s not quite that easy.

Some people make the mistake of paying too much per click, creating the wrong kind of ad, using the wrong keywords, and a host of other issues.

To the uninitiated, Google Adwords can be a science in itself.

Like any other marketing campaign, this one requires constant testing and tweaking in order to get it to exceed Google Adwords’ typical click-through and conversion rates.

It is possible to build a high quality advertising campaign for your business using Google Adwords—and if you’re marketing at all on the Internet this should be your primary method of marketing—but it takes a lot of work.


Paul did a fantastic job on our recent PPC campaign, with a sizeable budget of £20,000 per month. The online market for us had previously yielded very few results, despite nationwide press and TV advertising campaigns. However, Paul was able to create a Pay-Per-Click campaign that targeted our ideal consumer both on budget and with a conversion rate of £7 per lead, which exceeded our expectations.

What we thought would be a short term strategy has now turned into an integral and ongoing part of our marketing campaign. Would not hesitate to recommend!

Lindsey Watson - MD

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Google Adwords Consultant

Hi, my name is Paul Smith, and I’m an experienced Internet marketer who has helped many businesses jump-start their revenue by crafting proven Google Adword campaigns for them. I’ve taken the guesswork out of Google Adword campaigns so that I can go to work for you right away, putting together a marketing campaign that will deliver results.

Eliminate the Guesswork. Work with a marketing professional who knows the ‘ins and outs’ of how Google really works.

I have achieved CIM certified status. As such, I understand Google Adwords inside and out. This is an important qualification in Internet marketing, because pay-per-click programs can change almost daily, leaving you frustrated and confused.

Let me put my experience as an Google Adwords consultant to work for you

If you plan on marketing on the Internet, then let me put my experience to work for you. There’s no reason to waste time trying to figure out what works, or hoping to do it yourself by reading a book that claims to divulge little-known “secrets” of Internet marketing. (These secrets are usually out of date by the time the book has been published.)

Only by working with a real, live Google Adwords Professional, someone with his pulse on the Internet, in real time, can you hope to stay ahead of this game and achieve the best return on your marketing investment while bringing new customers to a cash hungry business.

I offer a free, no-obligation consultation, so you’ve nothing to lose. Leave me your contact details and let’s discuss how to propel your business to greater revenue. I believe it will be the best marketing decision you’ve ever made.

Alternatively, give me a call during office hours 9am - 5pm on

08700 343 880


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For a few months I was paying a small fortune (>£1,000 per month). I was sceptical at first but Paul Smith talked me into letting him have a play with our account for a couple of weeks.

We now get the same number of click throughs with slightly higher conversion rate - but for a lot less money. I use a small part of the money we save to retain Paul to manage the account on an ongoing basis.

Thanks Paul.

Duane Jackson


Fast, Efficient, Reliable and Trustworthy Service. We had immediate results, Increased business by 35%.

Increased our turnover by at least £100K of new business in a click

Rakesh Mehta- MD


Paul was a great asset to our company in enabling us grow our business via Adwords. He successfully managed to increase the number of clicks we were receiving whilst bring down our costs significantly (by more than 50% in some months) through optimising our campaign.

Moreover Paul was helpful, friendly and quick to take action when required.

Altaf Alim - MD



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